Wobbly Lambs Learning Goals

12 to 18 Months Olds

The indicators in each of these eight content areas have been developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and are listed in developmentally appropriate order as well. These skills build upon those outlined for the previous classroom(s). 

Listening & Understanding

  • Responds to a familiar voice

  • Responds to speech of others

  • Responds to gestures


Speaking and Communicating

  • Cries to express needs or sadness

  • Expresses happiness

Emergent Language

Speaking and Communicating

  • Responds to simple directions and questions

  • Begins to sing songs.

  • Participates in conversation

Emergent Literacy

Phonemic Awareness

  • Attempts to sing a song


Book Knowledge/Print Awareness ​

  • Manipulates books being read

  • Looks at books independently 

Early Writing

  • Begins to scribble 

Emergent Mathematics

Spatial Sense

  • Drops and retrieves objects

  • Matches objects and space 

Emergent Social, Emotional

Self Concept and Self Control

  • Recognizes self in mirror

Emergent Creative Arts

Music and Movement

  • Attempts to verbally join in singing

  • Plays simple musical instruments 


  • Begins scribbling

  • Enjoys messy play


Dramatic Play 

  • Plays simple pretend games 

Emergent Approaches To Learning

Initiative and Curiosity

  • Helps dress and undress self

  • Notices differences in temperature, smell and taste 

Emergent Science

Scientific Knowledge

  • Rolls and retrieves a ball

  • Indicates one or more body parts

Emergent Physical, Health & Safety

Motor Skills

  • Stands and walks

  • Stacks two or more blocks and places pegs in holes