2 1/2 TO 3 1/2 YEARS 

The indicators in each of these eight content areas have been developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and are listed in developmentally appropriate order as well. These skills build upon those outlined for the previous classroom(s). 

Emergent Language

Listening and Understanding

  • Understand more complex spoken language

  • Exhibits beginning listening skills (attending) 


Speaking and Communicating

  • Initiates conversations and makes requests

  • Uses three-plus words sentences

  • Clearly pronounces words 

Emergent Literacy


Phonemic Awareness

  • Recognizes and repeats rhyming words in nursery rhymes, simple stories or songs

  • Identifies sounds in the environment and in speech


Book Knowledge/Print Awareness

  • Retells story parts

  • Shows awareness of how books work

  • Shows interest in reading-related

  • activities

  • Understands that writing is a way of

  • communicating 


Early Writing

  • Attempts to communicate using scribbles

  • Experiments with different writing tools and materials 

Alphabet Knowledge

  • Begins to recognize alphabet letters in own name

  • Identifies the alphabet as a special category of symbols 

Emergent Mathematics

Geometric, Spatial Sense and Numbers

  • Counts out loud.

  • Understands concept of “two”

  • Can explore with materials

  • Recognizes spatial relationships 

Emergent Social Emotional


Self Concept and Self Control

  • Uses feeling words

  • Begins to understand and use expected

  • Shows awareness of self and knows personal information


Cooperation and Social Relationships

  • Begins to function in group settings with cooperation

  • Follows adult direction 

Knowledge of Families

  • Begins to use family terms such as Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, etc.  

Emergent Creative Arts

Music and Movement

  • Participates in musical activities

  • Uses musical instruments for musical activities 


  • Shows satisfaction with completed projects

  • Explores drawing, painting, and modeling with different materials and media

Dramatic Play 

  • Participates in dramatic play by using materials to create different roles and situations

Emergent Approaches to Learning


Initiative, Curiosity and Engagement

  • Participates in a variety of tasks, complete tasks and expresses curiosity about new activities

  • Makes independent choices and is willing to try new things 

Emergent Science


Scientific Skills and Knowledge

  • Creates a plan for carrying out simple tasks or solving problems

  • Displays observation skills

  • Collects, describes and records

  • Recognizes individual body parts

  • Understands the functions of the 5 senses

Emergent Physical Health & Safety


Motor Skills

  • Demonstrates eye-hand coordination

  • Begins to show fine motor dexterity and control. 


Health and Safety

  • Becomes toilet trained

  • Develops taste for nutritious food

  • Begins to understand that being with an adult provides safety 

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