6 Weeks to 1 Year 

The indicators in each of these eight content areas have been developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and are listed in developmentally appropriate order as well. 

Emergent Language

Listening & Understanding

  • Responds to a familiar voice

  • Responds to speech of others

  • Responds to gestures


Speaking and Communicating

  • Cries to express needs or sadness

  • Expresses happiness

Emergent Literacy


Phonemic Awareness

  • Babbles a string of sound

  • Mimics sounds and speech 


Book Knowledge/Print Awareness

  • Notices pictures in a book 


Early Writing

  • Manipulates writing instruments 


Emergent Mathematics

Spatial Sense

  • Explores objects

Emergent Social Emotional


Self Concept and Self Control

  • Enjoys social interaction

  • Develops own patterns for basic needs

  • Expresses a variety of emotions

  • Responds when name is used


Cooperation and Social Relationships

  • Recognizes familiar people

  • Seeks security with familiar adults

  • Becomes aware of and mirrors the emotions and actions of others

Knowledge of Family

  • Recognizes family members 

Emergent Creative Arts

Music and Movement

  • Reacts to music

Emergent Approaches to Learning


Initiative and Curiosity

  • Lifts head and looks around

  • Looks for items

  • Picks items up

  • Remembers where familiar items are kept

Emergent Science


Scientific Knowledge

  • Displays sensory awareness: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching

  • Observes items and actions for short periods of time

  • Plays Peek-a-Boo

Emergent Physical Health & Safety


Motor Skills

  • Turns head and makes eye contact

  • Smiles

  • Reaches and supports upper body with arms

  • Attempts to pull up and bounces in adult lap

  • Sits unassisted

  • Scoots and creeps

  • Crawls and pulls up to a stand

Health and Safety

  • Holds bottle and feeds self small foods

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