4 1/2 TO 6 YEARS 

The indicators in each of these seven content areas have been developed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and are listed in developmentally appropriate order as well. These skills build upon those outlined for the previous classroom(s). 


  • Listens attentively

  • Demonstrates listening comprehension by responding appropriately

  • Follows directions (2 or more) routinely

  • Speaks clearly and audibly with expression in communicating ideas

  • Uses complete sentences 


Literacy & Writing


Phonemic and Phonological Awareness 

  • Creates rhyming words orally and recognizing beginning sounds

  • Recognizes word parts that do or do not rhyme

  • Identifies words with the same beginning sound and words with the same ending sound

  • Orally blends sounds and word parts to make words

  • Segments words into word parts and phonemes

  • Orally manipulates phonemes (sounds) in words and word parts 

Print Awareness and Vocabulary 

  • Understands that print carries a message

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the elements of print within a text 

  • Uses new vocabulary learned by listening, reading and discussion

  • Uses structural analysis and context clues to determine meanings of new words 

Beginning Reading 

  • Understands the relationship between letters and sounds and can identify all 26 letters and match their accompanying sounds

  • Uses phonetic skills to blend and decode words

  • Begins to spell words correctly

  • Develops reading fluency with grade level texts 


  • Can identify the purpose of reading

  • Uses background knowledge and other strategies to comprehend text

  • Uses and understands a variety of texts


Writing ​ ​

  • Correctly forms each letter of the alphabet and begins to write words and sentences to communicate.

  • Begins to blend pictures and writing to convey stories and organized thoughts.

  • Writes in different forms and genres. 


  • Understands spatial relationships

  • Classifies and sorts by attributes

  • Repeats and creates patterns by

    extending and comparing

  • Understands one-to-one

    correspondence and the manyness of


  • Understands ordering

  • Demonstrates understanding and

    recognition of numerals, including

    addition and subtraction

  • Understands and manipulates basic


  • Understands the concept and tools of


  • Demonstrates a beginning

    understanding of fractions,time and money. 

Social Studies

  • Demonstrates factors that influence relationships with family and friends

  • Identifies important aspects of home and Community

  • Demonstrates skills for developing healthy relationships and expressing feelings.

  • Uses positive interactions with peers and adults 



  • Demonstrates understanding about the changes in seasons

  • Understands functions and care of the five senses

  • Begins to understand animals and their habitats

  • Begins to understand simple mapping


Fine Arts


  • Explores different artistic mediums using various tools

  • Participates in musical activities and demonstrates beat, rhythm and dynamics

  • Participates in movement and dance

  • activities

Physical Health & Safety

  • Understands that using proper hygiene is an important part of caring for your body

  • Understands and uses basic safety rules

  • Begins to recognize healthy foods and their importance

  • Participates in regular physical activities

  • Begins to demonstrate maturing control of gross and fine motor skills 

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